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The Right Support Makes All the Difference

    At the initial meeting, College Driven meets with families to describe the features and benefits of using our services. Regardless how involved College Driven becomes with the life of the student, it is the influence of the family that has the most impact. College Driven will guide parents and students to work together to openly discuss college options and offer an objective point-of-view, unbiased from family expectations.

    College Driven strives to exceed client expectations. To ensure client satisfaction there is a 90-day review meeting to assess the process of the program from both sides. Although College Driven makes every attempt to introduce a student to their best-fit college, the final college selection decision is ultimately that of the student.

    College Driven will place all our efforts in helping students prepare for admission to colleges of their choice. However, given the unpredictable nature of the college admission process and selectivity of many colleges and universities, College Driven cannot guarantee admission to any specific school.

The College Driven program begins with a partnership contract between counselor, student, and their family.