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As You Think on Your Final College Admission Decision

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! You've come a long way on your college admissions journey, and now you've got some decisions to make. As you take the next several weeks to contemplate the college admission choices before you, as well as visit campuses, please understand that several opinions will be offered to you whether you want them or not. It seems like several opinions on colleges have already been provided, right? Although well-meaning and useful in context, understand that you must form your own opinions, and not take others' opinions as fact. It is fact for them, but it may not be the same experience for you. You may be leaning towards XYZ University, but Aunt Bertha's horrible experience there seems to dampen your excitement for it. Remember that Aunt Bertha's experience at XYZ University may not be the experience that awaits you! You've got to get to a point where the noise gets silenced.

If you've applied to your best-fit colleges (and if working with College Driven that's exactly what's happened), then every college on your list should be viewed as your first-choice school. If you're evaluating your best-fit colleges, you've already guaranteed a successful outcome no matter where you choose! These are the colleges that best match the several attributes that you desire and will help you thrive in a collegiate environment. Sadly, some people never attend their best-fit college, and their opinions reflect that experience (remember Aunt Bertha?). Respectfully listen to others' words keeping that perspective in mind, then generate your own conclusions as you begin the process of final selection. I hope you revisit your college choices one last time. Trust your heart, and follow your gut. Somehow you just know when you know. Good luck!

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