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Going Beyond Grades and Test Scores

Founded in 2005, College Driven, LLC is an independent college admission consulting company serving students and their families to help educate and assist in understanding today’s competitive college admissions process and developing a college-driven plan complementary to the student’s lifestyle, learning style, and future career goals and objectives. The College Driven method to finding best-fit colleges is powerful. The College Driven approach to applications, recommendations, and essays is proven.

The Freshman Year Program

From now on everything counts. Know yourself. Organize a plan. Set goals. Succeed.

The Sophomore Year Program
You know you want to go to college. How do you fine-tune your desire and ambition to get there? You start with a plan.

The Junior Year Program

It is time to get serious. Time to figure things out. Explore opportunities. Choose a direction. Focus on the goal.

The Senior Year Program

Get excited! You are about to make your future happen. When you choose what is right for you, you choose success.

The Artist Applicant Program

We don't make you an artist. We make you the artist that stands out. That's the key to showcasing the talent inside you.

The Student Athlete Program

So, you're thinking you've got a shot at scholarship? Game on!

The Opportunities Program

Internships, study-abroad, and career camps. Grow your interests now!

à La Carte Program

College Driven is there for you, no matter what your needs. We want you to know our programs can be broken down to your specific needs, unique only to you.

The Plan B Recovery Program

Sometimes, things don't work out. Welcome to the no-judgement zone. Let's meet and talk about making things right for you.

The College Transfer Program

Where you begin is not as important as where you finish.

The Graduate Student Program

We want to be part of your next BIG step! Let's get you there.

The Application/Essay Boot Camp

Can you imagine starting the first day of school Senior Year with your college application and personal essay done? You can! And you'll do it following College Driven's proven approach.

The School Partnership Program

Joining forces can make an even bigger impact. Developing partnerships with local high schools and guidance counselor offices through lectures, workshops, college essay editing services, and presentations, College Driven adds a valuable school program for parents and students.

A Wide Variety of Programs to Fit Every Need, Every Budget, Every One, Every Where
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