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College Driven's methods are so unique, so personalized and involved that it's difficult to convey the full experience.

We’ll let our past clients speak on our behalf.

Student Comments
Parent Comments

“Lilly is a lifesaver and helped me through absolutely everything during the college process. She helped me find the school that was my perfect fit, she aided me in the essay writing process through drafts after drafts, and she held my hand through the stress and overwhelming adventure that is college applications. She somehow made the chaotic process easy and fun. Lilly was more than just a college counselor, she was a friend who stood by me as I found and pinpointed my passions. She believed in me and made me find self-confidence within myself. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions and I don't know what I would've done without her.”

— Current Student at Northwestern U., Graduate from Orange H.S.


“The college process is long and grueling. Without the help of College Driven, the process would have been nearly impossible for me, the eldest of my siblings. From the personality test, to see where I would fit in best, to the superb and detailed college match spreadsheet, College Driven is the best there is. Every step of the way, College Driven is there to guide you through the tumultuous system of applying to college. The hands-on help and personalized attention given to you makes you feel at ease during the extremely trying times, and the experience that College Driven has when working with colleges to portray the best version of yourself is something that cannot be beaten. College Driven is the only thing you need when applying to college!”

— Current Student at Middlebury College, Graduate from Solon H.S.

“Not only did College Driven relieve some stress and make this whole college process easier for me, but College Driven also helped my parents feel less stress about everything.”

— Current Student at Boston University

“The College Driven Program has immensely helped me with the grueling process of finding and applying to the right colleges. Lilana Slater has made every step of this journey so much easier and smoother than I could’ve ever imagined. Her knowledge and creative thinking made a truly significant impact in my college decision process.”

— Current Student at OSU, Graduate from West Geauga H.S.

“No matter what grade you are in, College Driven will complete your search for the perfect institution of higher education. Lilana is not only knowledgeable about almost every university in the country, but she also understands her clients’ personal needs and how they fit with a combination of her own recommendations, along with your own choices. Personally, I have no idea how I would have gotten through my college search without her, as she helped me immensely in narrowing my options and helping me to understand where I should be.”

— Current Student at Loyola U. Chicago, Graduate from Walsh Jesuit H.S.

“College Driven has been such an immersive experience that has helped me find myself, my passion, and helped me decide which college would be right for me.”

— Current Student at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

“Working with College Driven while in a country on the opposite side of the world has never been more easy, efficient, and seamless. I am able to be in contact whenever it is needed and College Driven is always in touch.”

— Current Student at American Jewish University, Israel

“I will forever be grateful to College Driven for helping me find my dream school, and more importantly, get accepted to it. Lilly helped me with every aspect of the college admissions process. She advised me on what schools would fit me best, what to write about in my essays, and how to interview well. The day I interviewed at Wake Forest, I was not asked one question that Lilly had not prepared me for. Without her, I probably would have sat there scrambling for answers, but because she prepared me for every possible question, I did great in my interview and will attend Wake Forest University. Lilly helped me edit everything on the common application and on my essays. I cannot imagine what the college admissions process would have looked like without her. She encouraged me throughout it all, and she became my friend in the process. College Driven helped me find the university where I belong, I couldn't have done it without Lilly.”

— Current Student at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

“I was lucky enough to have an older brother that went through the College Driven program. I watched him work with Lilly the whole time, so you could say that for me it was an easy adjustment for me to trust her. Not only do my brother and parents love her, her spirit and enthusiastic demeanor made the whole college process seem easy. Lilly was not afraid to tell me the truth, to lay down hard facts, but somehow she said it in a way that put a smile on my face. Through the countless hours we spent together working on boring college applications, I would rather go back and work on it with her again, more than with anyone else. She took the stress off my shoulders and put a smile on my face.”

— Current Student at Hampton University

“If you're looking for someone who is incredibly capable, responsive, and supportive then you've come to the right place. I worked with Lilly when I was applying as a transfer student. Applying to college is already stressful, but I never anticipated I would be a transfer student; I felt like a fish out of water and hardly knew where to begin in the process. Lilly was so helpful in guiding me towards which schools would be a good fit for me and made sure to go through every detail with me. Lilly is the kind of person who gets things done. When I had issues with my SlideRoom account, Lilly picked up the phone on my behalf and got the problem resolved. I'm incredibly grateful for the amount of effort and time Lilly put into working with me. It truly made all the difference, and I wouldn't have been able to make the switch without her help.”

— Current Student at Hamilton College, Graduate from Hawken School

"The college process is something that a lot of people can be easily overwhelmed with. The most common resource, school college counselors, can only help so much as they have to make sure each of their kids completes their required items, and as such, it can feel as if you're completely alone in the process. However, having Lilly by your side changes all of this. It really felt like Lilly was a college counselor who actually knew who I was and was able to answer all my questions at any time. Lilly always had helpful tips, comments, and suggestions that made my applications as strong and near perfect as possible. I know that without her help I would have stressed and struggled nearly ten times as much as I did, but luckily Lilly was able to transform the college admission process into both a thoroughly introspective and enjoyable experience while also helping me be accepted into my dream school."

— Current Student at Carnegie Mellon U., Graduate from University School

“I was fortunate to be introduced to College Driven and Mrs. Lilana Slater the year my son was starting his journey to apply to colleges. I felt, as a parent, it was a very stressful time. It was wonderful to have guidance, information, help with meeting deadlines, essays, and much more. Best of all, I felt Mrs. Lilana Slater took a genuine interest in my children. When it was time for my daughter’s journey I did not hesitate to reach out to College Driven, again. Based on our experience, we can highly recommend College Driven.”

— Parent from Moreland Hills, OH

“Lilly is generous with her time and really got to know my son. That helped tremendously as she worked with him to refine his essays and applications. My son was accepted by one of his top picks and is thrilled!!”

— Parent from Chagrin Falls, OH

“College Driven shaped both of my sons’ high school experiences and records in the best light. College Driven framed both their applications to give Admission Directors the best snapshot. College Driven compiled an action plan that helped us apply to numerous colleges and universities that we never would have considered and were certainly a fit.”

— Parent from Bath, OH


“We have used College Driven for both of our daughters. It was a pleasure and a relief to have College Driven guide our daughters during this hectic time and these tedious and time consuming procedures in the college process. Ms. Slater spent hours with our daughters to get to know them and to guide them through the process of picking and applying to the colleges that would be the right "fit" for each of them. I would highly recommend College Driven!”

— Parent from Gates Mills, OH

“Lilly exceeded all of our expectations in demystifying the college admissions process from beginning to end, turning an intimidating journey into a positive, rewarding and growing experience for our daughter and her parents.  Lilly kicked off the process by engaging and getting to know our daughter.  Not only did Lilly gain our daughter's trust and confidence, she used that knowledge and relationship to develop and amplify our daughter's unique qualities and achievements.  Lilly also used her project management skills to surface and help us vet selective universities that were best suited for our daughter, academically, personally, and professionally.  Her perspective, process, and dedication to our daughter made all the difference.  We could not more highly recommend Lilly to parents and students seeking to navigate the college admission process, including students seeking admission to the most selective universities.”

— Parent from Richfield, OH

“Lilly is skillful on so many levels. Together, her guidance and personalized nature make for engaging the students, and, hand-in-hand, these traits of hers complement one another.  Alongside the personal level Lilly provides, her ability to instill focused discipline into deadlines at the same time is invaluable.  She is flexible with her time and place of meetings as well as your own preference of communications: texting, emailing, and/or speaking on the phone. She adapts to whatever that particular individual prefers without question. She is exceptional at recognizing my kids’ strengths and then best developing those parts of his/her character into meaningful experiences. It takes all of these ingredients to put the pieces of this crazy journey together.  She will surely be a tough act to follow.”

— Parent from Moreland Hills, OH


“Lilly has been so helpful in the college process for our son. She has guided and coached him through the process without doing the work for him. And, she has been the one to “nag” him about deadlines, rewrites, and such, so it has preserved our parent/child relationship at a time that can be trying. I know my son both likes her and respects her, which is important. As parents we appreciate her availability and thoroughness. Overall, it has been a very positive experience.”

— Parent from Orange Village, OH

“Lilly was a tremendous asset for our daughter’s college decision. We can't imagine navigating this without her help. Most impactful was the training for the on-campus interview. Our daughter remarked 'Lilly literally asked me every one of those questions when we prepped, I did so well because of that.' We also were pleased with the impact Lilly had on our daughter throughout this effort. In addition to teaching her how to navigate this process, we felt Lilly taught our daughter some valuable life lessons and modeled exceptional character. The impact of that will extend beyond her time in her ideal college.”

— Parent from Akron, OH

“We are so fortunate to have worked with Lilly Slater at College Driven. My daughter had an amazing experience. She learned so much about her academic strengths and desires and, in the end, felt perfectly confident choosing the best college fit. Lilly's organization, humor, persistence, and honesty, were precisely what we needed to guide us through this unsettling, yet exciting journey. Lilly, we are eternally grateful!”

— Parent from Richfield, OH

“Where do I start? Your dedication to [my daughter's] college search was so valuable in so many ways. You taught us so much about the process and expectations of universities' and colleges' admission requirements. You were right, we knew exactly when we found our perfect fit! The journey was long but worth it!...It has been a pleasure to work with your company.”

— Parent from Sanborn, NY

"School college counselors and the assistance they provide should not be in any way diminished, but having Lilly onboard with College Driven provided a level of depth to the process that was well worth the investment. Everything is documented and the process Lilly uses is fully transparent. No stone is left unturned in presenting the student's "package" to each school, making sure to deliver the whole picture whether it's in refining cutting-edge college essays, Slide Room portfolios, post-application communications, or that final waitlist  transmission that magically appears to make the difference in converting a "maybe" to a "yes." We used College Driven to help two of our children convert their dreams of admission to highly selective colleges into a reality."

— Parent from Shaker Heights, OH

"We are so thankful for Lilly and College Driven. She and her team alleviated a lot of stress out of the college process so we could concentrate on the rest of the other Senior experiences for our son. She helped us navigate many great options that we had not considered for him and helped him to process what he really wanted in college. We are so grateful for her.”

— Parents from Akron, OH



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