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Meet The Team

Lilana Slater

Lilana Slater

Founder/Owner & Principal Consultant

Path Finder & Dreams Supporter

Lilly is dedicated to the pursuit of students discovering their true strengths and talents, exploring their interests, and challenging their curiosities. As a graduate from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, she has  enjoyed a successful engineering career in the private business sector for over 15 years. Following her Master of Business Degree from the University of Phoenix, she left the private sector to study the fundamentals of college admissions counseling. Given her strengths of organization, project management and methodology process development, The College Driven Method, of finding the right college for each student based on personal strengths, learning style, and lifestyle, was born. Never has there been a more detailed, extensive, and personalized program to help parents and students make the right decision towards such an important investment. The strategic guidance offered to each client is continuously available throughout the entire college admissions process. College Driven is your own, personal guidance counselor during this overwhelming time of complexity. For peace of mind, explore the website and make an appointment for a personal consultation.


The College Driven Corgi

CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)

College Tours Guide Dog

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Trust, Care, Experience

At College Driven we have a belief that EVERY student is a good and healthy seed just bursting with potential. Planted in poor soil, the seed's growth is stunted, but planted in the RIGHT soil, the seed thrives and flourishes. That's what happens when you plant a student in an environment that is fitting for them. We purposefully listen to the student, and we carefully take the time in getting to know them so we can offer the most comprehensive, personalized plan that projects them into life's next season, all while helping to alleviate the stressors accompanied by the process.


We earn your trust by cultivating each student's success personally and with the greatest of care and understanding. We hope you take the next step in scheduling an introductory session to evaluate whether we are the right fit for each other.

Marilyn Harman

Marilyn Harman

Writing Center Editor & Essay Expert

True Voice Seeker & Story Captain

Marilyn strongly supports today’s youth in finding their own unique voice in the world. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. Afterwards, she attended Lake Erie College for her Master's work in the area of Gifted and Talented Education. Recently retired from teaching, Marilyn has taught high school English, including Advanced Placement and Honors classes. As Chairperson of College Driven’s Teen Gavel Club, Marilyn oversees the non-profit organization and guides its teen members and officers to help teach and meet Toastmasters’s program guidelines towards effective communication.  College Driven’s Writing Center not only helps students brainstorm essay topics that represent the applicant's unique qualities, but also supports students in improving their writing skills. By submitting the personal college essay and the multitude of possible supplemental essays throughout the college application season, Marilyn shares editorial comments and suggestions for improvement. Draft after draft, she encourages the rewrite process, which can be frustrating for teens.  With Marilyn’s expertise, College Driven is at the helm of advancing your current level of communication, both verbally and through the written word. 

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