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Communications Between You and Admissions

In the last blog post about getting a deferred decision, I suggested that you are more than welcome to call your admission representative for a better understanding of why you got deferred. If not already indicated in the decision letter, you could also inquire about what additional information would be allowed to send to the office to enhance and update your application. What I didn't mention, however, is who should make the call or email. I'd like to make it perfectly clear that the STUDENT is to perform this task!

Never, never, never ask your parents to call on your behalf, ever. Colleges want to see you taking charge of your own personal agenda and they will make note of your inquiry in your folder. Be sure to always be cordial and polite, no matter whom you are speaking with from the college. Any inquiries and correspondence need to be between you and the college admissions office. Don’t send your parents to do your job. Take the initiative, and do it yourself. Doing otherwise could actually hurt your chances. Step up!

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this is really good stuff! I read each of these posts carefully. They are to the point and fit easily on a page or two. Thank you!

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