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College Bound? How to Make Sense of the Parent Situation

It's Not You, It's Them. Be Kind.

This is an exciting milestone for you. You are on your way to independence and adulthood. Who you leave behind is your family. Their support will always be there, but your parents may be acting a bit unpredictable as of late. They are excited for you and your future and are very proud of your accomplishments. Yet, they may be feeling a little frightened over your new venture that awaits. Parents worry, it's their job. Sure, all parents are different, but when a child “leaves the nest” parents usually get sentimental in one way or another. Although you cannot relate to what they may be going through, be sure to attempt to see their perspective on things.

You’re going away soon so try to be a little nicer to your parents, do extra chores without being told, and show you’re responsible and that they won’t have anything to worry about once you leave. It’s important to have a strong bond with your parents before leaving for college. Make it a point to spend some extra time together, even if it’s only for lunch at a local restaurant. Seeing other perspectives is part of what growing up is about. Put your parents’ minds at ease so that they can trust the decisions you’ll be making while away at school on your own entirely for the first time. Get some perspective other than your own and have some patience with them.

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