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Comfort Versus Comfortable: Know the Difference

College Driven is so much more than a guide to completing those college applications well and on time. We operate on a deeper level of involvement with each and every student. Not only do we define best-fit colleges for every individual we work with, but we also send students on a journey of how they can evolve into presenting their best selves in the process. The College Driven Way is a lifestyle adopted by our clients that encourages the discovery of best-self, initiates confidence to achieve one's fullest potential, and gathers life tools to apply in everyday situations to achieve success in whatever way it looks like to the individual. The take-aways from the College Driven program experience are far-reaching, even into the college years, and beyond.

The College Driven Way: Lifestyle Series

College Driven’s mission for you is to find a school where you find comfort in your surroundings, comfort in the way the professors teach, comfort in knowing your money and time are being well spent, and comfort in the fact that you are working towards an achievable goal. Comfort is synonymous with stress-free and when we are more relaxed, we are able to succeed beyond our expectations. Sure, there will be times of stress over a final exam, over-committing, upcoming deadlines, etc., but you are better equipped to handle the stress when you surround yourself within an environment where you find comfort.

Just as the word “comfort” is equated to “stress-free”, the word “comfortable” can be equated to “complacent”. You don’t want to find yourself so comfortable in your current situation that you never venture out of your comfort zone and try new things or reach new heights. Getting comfortable in your current situation means a lot of missed opportunities, which leads to regret. Reach for more than you think you can ever accomplish. You may surprise yourself and be grateful you stepped out. Find your comfort, but don’t get comfortable.

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