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Introducing: The College Driven Corgi

Three years ago, this four-legged ball of fur started attending client meetings. Unexpectedly, the puppy's presence morphed into something far more important. It was never College Driven's intention to get a dog for the purpose that he has taken on, but it is what he has become. The College Driven Corgi has scooted his way into so many students' hearts over these short three years. He's perched himself on students' toes while they type away at their essays. He's played fetch in the backyard with them as they needed a break from working so hard on those long and intense college application submission days with College Driven. When brainstorming essay ideas, it can get pretty raw when students begin to open up about things. Tears have been known to flow; The College Driven Corgi senses the need and sidles up showing support. All of these tangible actions converted into intangible emotions, and that meant the pooch needed a promotion. The College Driven Corgi is our CEO: Chief Encouragement Officer. He'll be offering weekly motivation on our Instagram, @college_driven, to students and families going through the college admission process. There, you'll also discover posts and stories allowing everyone to just take a "paws" from whatever they're doing to embrace a calming moment and just breathe.

Finding His Best-Fit College

You're not the only one in search of a best-fit college; The College Driven Corgi is, too!

Major Interest: Barkonomics

Minor Interest: Pawsology

Mostly Looking Forward To:

Fetchman Orientation

College Fears: That I won't find my pack

Meal Plan Preference: Unlimited

Ideal Geographical Demographics:

Nearby dog park & gourmet barkery

Favorite Things: Bubbles & naps

Pronouns: he, him, his, buddy

So, because The College Driven Corgi is searching for his best-fit college, he'll be visiting lots and lots of campuses. Join along as he takes you on college tours on College Driven's YouTube channel. You'll get the "low" down on those visits and see the campuses from a whole new perspective. That's why The College Driven Corgi has also taken on the role of College Tour Guide Dog beginning in Spring! This is a lot to take on for such a little guy, but his heart is big enough to embrace the challenge. He hopes you'll follow along, get encouraged, and stay motivated.

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