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The Attention You Deserve When Making this Important Educational Investment

The road to college can be complicated to maneuver. Rising college tuition costs directly reflect the increased competition students experience today. College Driven acts as your private, personal college counselor, dedicated and devoted to  YOU. Where high school counseling services lack personalization and  fixated guidance, College Driven delivers, keenly focusing on the individual's interests.

Customized Program
Plans & Offerings

From start to finish, College Driven is with you every step of the way. Best-fit college selection is our specialty. From applications to essays, from teacher recommendations to extra curricular activities and volunteer work, we use our expertise built over a decade to present all the application information in a way that makes students stand out from the rest! Not local? Not a problem! College Driven has successfully worked with students from around the world! Don't need the full program? Check out our Application Group Camp options! Customized programs are built to your specific needs.

So Many College Choices. How Do You Pick the Right One for You?

College Driven aides students and their parents in deciding which colleges or universities are a good fit for the student and guides the student in reaching their college ambitions and career destinations. By partnering with each family, personalized services and programs help define the student’s strongest attributes. Getting the right fit is key. Driving efforts in the right direction is critical.

Writing Center
Essay Support

With all that goes into a college admission application, there's really only one element where the student's true voice can be heard: The Personal Essay. It's the one area that will never "look" like any one else's, so it's one of the most critical portions of the entire application. College Driven supports the student writer by offering help in brainstorming ideas, editing works, building an essay library for all those extra supplemental essays that loom ahead. The amount of personal essays a student must compose is daunting, but College Driven keeps it manageable and fun.

Knowledge is Power
Information is for

The College Driven blog is a resource, not a sales pitch. We offer you the most pertinent information that will help you navigate the college admission journey. Even if we're not working with you directly, we want to work to give you the tools you need to make informed decisions. Take advantage of our expertise as we travel on this exciting road together. Be sure to subscribe!


College Driven

Lilly has helped me twice in achieving my academic dreams in undergraduate and graduate school. She has helped so much during the application process that I have reached out to her again to help me apply for internships!



— Graduate from University of California, Los Angeles

I can’t thank College Driven enough for helping us in such a caring way. Lilly Slater was able to transform chaotic and emotional into calm and positive. Really miraculous!! We could not have done this without her. My daughter ended up at the perfect school [WashU. in St. Louis] and is thriving!


— Parent from Moreland Hills, OH


College Driven is a gift to every college bound student and their parent. The expertise, support, and compassion is unsurpassed and genuine.


— Parent from Solon, OH


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